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Apr. 1981 Witec Japan was founded in order to expand the "Witec Process" developed by Dr. Wiech into Japan and south east asia.
Dec. 1985 Marutai Material Japan was founded by Dr. Wiech at Itami city in Hyogo prefecture for the purpose of the manufacturing and development of the feedstock (Compound for MIM).
Apr. 1986 Launched manufacturing and sales of the feedstock.
May. 1990 Affiliated with Witec Japan and renamed to MMJ.
Jul. 1990 Capital was increased to JPY30million.
Dec. 1990 Relocated to Ibaraki-city, Osaka.
May. 2001 Relocated to Amagasaki-city, Hyogo.
Jan. 2004 Liquidation of Witec Japan, followed by merging with MMJ.
Jun. 2007 Capital tie-up with Iwaki Diecast Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2009 Expanded factory area of warehouse and laboratory.
Oct. 2012 Participated in the exhibition "PM2012 YOKOHAMA".